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Monday, September 6, 2010


Wisconsin Teen Found Dead in Basement

MILWAUKEE, WI — Bryant Hunter, 17 was found dead next to his family's downstairs toilet on monday morning, authorities said. Hunter is confirmed to have died from malnutrition, low glucose levels, and drowning.

"After sitting on the toilet for what seems like hours," said Hunter's father, "it was getting late and I had work in the morning, so I knocked on the door, told him 'good luck' and went to bed. The next time I saw him, the basement was full of brown water and Bryant was floating next to the toilet, not breathing."

His mother commented on the tragedy: "Bryant may have died unexpectantly, but we must not forget his selfless contributions to humanity. He was full of love and kindness that reached beyond just his friends and family."

Bryant Hunter was born March 19, 1992 in Orem, Utah to John and Kendra Hunter. He soon moved to Oregon where he lived during his elementary school years. He soon developed a love for the arts: drawing and writing.

Bryant spent his later years in Nebraska in Junior High and became interested in music, and playing piano with his friends.

After moving to Wisconsin right before his Senior year in High School, he became a nationally recognized scholar and became well-liked by his fellow classmates. "His tragedy is untimely, but his legacy will live on", said his mother.

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