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Monday, September 6, 2010


Wisconsin Teen Found Dead in Basement

MILWAUKEE, WI — Bryant Hunter, 17 was found dead next to his family's downstairs toilet on monday morning, authorities said. Hunter is confirmed to have died from malnutrition, low glucose levels, and drowning.

"After sitting on the toilet for what seems like hours," said Hunter's father, "it was getting late and I had work in the morning, so I knocked on the door, told him 'good luck' and went to bed. The next time I saw him, the basement was full of brown water and Bryant was floating next to the toilet, not breathing."

His mother commented on the tragedy: "Bryant may have died unexpectantly, but we must not forget his selfless contributions to humanity. He was full of love and kindness that reached beyond just his friends and family."

Bryant Hunter was born March 19, 1992 in Orem, Utah to John and Kendra Hunter. He soon moved to Oregon where he lived during his elementary school years. He soon developed a love for the arts: drawing and writing.

Bryant spent his later years in Nebraska in Junior High and became interested in music, and playing piano with his friends.

After moving to Wisconsin right before his Senior year in High School, he became a nationally recognized scholar and became well-liked by his fellow classmates. "His tragedy is untimely, but his legacy will live on", said his mother.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

An extremely difficult choice.

Two soaps, one...choice? One choice? Or can I use both on each hand, or one for each hand? Which soap goes on my left hand/right hand? Why do they put two different brands together! No wonder fast-food restaurants are so stressful.
                       P.S. This was at Taco Bell, and one of the employees, so stressed out by his indecisiveness, failed to wash his hands completely before returning to work.

Monday, August 30, 2010

School Class Schedule! 2010-11!!

Everyone's been posting their school class schedules on Facebook with great enthusiasm. So here's mine; considering I probably won't start college until next semester.

1. Sleep until noon.
2. Think about going outside, then sit on the couch.
3. Realize it's 3 pm and I haven't eaten, so I'll eat a granola bar
4. Think about working out, then watch TV
5. Use my laptop for six hours
6. Go to bed at 3 am

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sex isn't the problem, uneducatedness is.

Not only can we encourage children to abstain from sex in order to avoid disease and pregnancy, we can also inform them of other effective methods if abstinence is out of the picture. Abstinence education sounds like a nice idea at first, but when put into action, fails to do its job as sex education, and therefore, does not decrease the rates of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases. 

Basic views to start with

If you want to know what I think, well, you've come to the right place.DISCLAIMER: I am not very educated in all of these issues, but they are based on my perceptions and what I believe to the extent to what

I know about them.

1. Put schools in Afghanistan, not soldiers.
2. Get out of Afghanistan. The war is tremendously expensive and hurting our economy.
3. Legalize gay marriage on a federal level, like interracial marriage was once upon a time.
4. Legalize Marijuana. It will free up our jails and cause less harm than Alcohol. It will weaken gang violence and weaken their influence.
5. Socialize health care. Just like our police and elementary schools.
6. Comprehensive sex ed. Abstinence-only threatens to be religiously motivated, and is unrealistic.
7. Take "under God" out of the pledge and "in God we trust" off our coins. Our nation was founded strictly on secular values. Our government should not have a say in what our nation believes.
8.Whatever would lower the price of College would be nice.
9. Arizona's anti-immigration law, SB1070, is a bad idea.
10. Keep the 14th amendment the way it is.
11.Yes, we have had terrorist attacks, but we should not lose our liberty over it, or make unconstitutional laws on behalf of safety.
12. Net neutrality is essential. I for one think the Internet is great thew way it is.
13. Repeal DADT already!